What Happened in 2017?

Live Music and Entertainment

  • Friday September 8th
    • Stage 1 - WANTED: The Bon Jovi Tribute Band
    • Stage 2 - Bill Poston Band
  • Saturday September 9th
    • Stage 1 - Country Fried
    • Stage 1 - A.C. Jones
    • Stage 2 - AC Dance
    • Stage 2 - Noise Pollution - AC/DC Cover Band
    • Stage 2 - Morning Star
  • Sunday September 10th
    • Stage 1 - Where's Jimmy
    • Stage 2 - Erin Burke

Stage 1 is the main stage held by the main entrance to the festival

Stage 2 is located on the basketball courts next to the baseball field


Games, Contests and Other Events

  • Friday
    • Potato Chip Eating Contest
    • Potato Queen Contest
  • Saturday
    • Deadline for Coloring & Decorate-a-Potato Contest
    • Mashed Potato Eating Contest
  • Sunday
    • Annual Potato Festival Parade
    • Coloring & Decorate-a-Potato Winner Announcements
    • Tug of War Competition
    • Bucket Brigade Competition
    • French Fry Eating Contest


World Record for the Largest Pierogi

 In the past, the Potato Festival has attempted to increase in size and popularity in many unique ways.  One of these ways was to beat the World Record for the Largest Single Serving of Mashed Potatoes.  In 1980, the festival successfully broke the record with a whopping 10,028 pounds of potatoes!

In effort to continue the trend of excitement within the community, the Potato Festival beat yet another world record!  In 2014, the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, PA broke the Guinness Book of World Record for the Largest Pierogi with a giant 123 pound dumpling.  However, on September 9th, 2017, members of the committee as well as the cooks for the Crestwood School District broke the World Record with a giant 200 pound pierogi!!

Check out our Gallery page to see photo's the World Record Pierogi.


Duke's K-9 Dash N' Splash

 Dog dock diving has been increasing in popularity for years.  Dogs compete against each other in 3 different categories: extreme vertical, air retrieve, and speed retrieval.  Each dog will be judged and graded accordingly for each category.

The event was held  on site at the at the Potato Festival fairgrounds. and was enjoyed by all ages.

Please follow the link to learn more about Duke's K-9 Dash N' Splash.

Potato Festival Cornhole Tournament

The Mantua Potato Festival held its first annual Cornhole Tournament in 2017.  The tournament was held on Sunday September 10th at the fairgrounds next to the VFW building.  Be sure to keep an eye out for next years event to wish cash prizes as well as winners t-shirts.

The goal is to have at least 16-24 teams playing in the tournament (other payout options will be determined if the minimum of 24 teams is not met)

Do you think you have what it takes to win?

Plan to pre-register for the 2018 Potato Festival Cornhole Tournament!  More information to come!